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Who are we?

I am Marieke and I live with my partner Gerben and sweet cat Mika in Amsterdam. Next to being a catsitter I work as a graphic designer and Gerben is a freelance illustrator and has his studio at home.

The love for cats, plus the troubles we experienced with our own cat during holidays, made us decide to establish De Poesoppas. I've always been crazy about cats, each cat I encountered on the streets needed to be petted. When I was a little older, I was often asked to take care of the cats in my neighbourhood when the owners were away on holiday. I also worked as a volunteer at an animal shelter for some time. Gerben is also a catlover, and because of his work as a freelance illustrator, he's very flexible with his work hours.

If you have any questions, you can call or email us. We're happy to come by for an acquaintance interview.
Perhaps we'll meet you and of course your cat(s) soon!

Marieke & Gerben